The changing payment and service delivery landscape greatly alters how health care is delivered and paid for in the United States. Millions of previously uninsured people, many with mental illnesses and addictions, are now eligible for insurance and access to prevention, treatment, and recovery support services. Along with this, behavioral health providers face new pressures to expand service capacity and payer sources. To meet this demand, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) created BHbusiness Plus: Where Business Change Happens, a training and technical assistance project designed to ensure that behavioral health organizations are ready to meet the demand for new services.

For two years, BHbusiness has provided technical assistance programs to help more than 1,000 behavioral health leaders ready their organizations for health care change. To support and accelerate provider adaptation and change, BHbusiness Plus adds topics, shortens timeframes, and increases one-to-one consultation and customized technical support.

BHbusiness Plus is provided to participants at no cost other than the time and energy they invest in making changes in business operations that best serve their organization.

In collaboration with SAMHSA, BHbusiness Plus is led by the National Council, NIATx, and Advocates for Human Potential. Each partner brings its unique expertise to provide skilled training and technical assistance to BHbusiness Plus participants.

How Does BHbusiness Plus Work?

BHbusiness Plus offers online training and technical assistance with facilitation from a dedicated coach in the following areas:

  • Strategic business decision making
  • Exploring affiliations, mergers and acquisitions
  • Costing out your services
  • Setting up a third party billing system
  • Improving billing system to increase¬†collections and compliance
  • New business planning
  • Third-party contract negotiations
  • Eligibility and enrollment

Participants who complete the required coursework receive a certificate of completion and earn NAADAC CEUs.

How Can I Register for BHbusiness Plus?

Providers may apply either as part of a convened network or individually. Apply now for Round 2 learning networks that start in February 2016. BHbusiness Plus will offer a final additional rounds of learning networks in Spring of 2016. Applications are open now through January 15, 2016. Find more information and enroll at