OPERA represents your substance use disorder prevention, treatment and recovery interests and needs at the state and federal levels.  
We are a unified voice with a vision for the future of our field.  

  • OPERA brings together prevention, treatment and recovery providers to recommend changes to the field in Salem, Oregon and in Washington DC. 
  • OPERA monitors budget negotiations and pending legislation and orchestrates a unified response from our members and partners across the state. 
  • OPERA coordinates access to policy makers, both state and federal, for issues that impact prevention and treatment providers and our clients including mental health, juvenile justice, corrections, child welfare, domestic violence and others. 

Your interests are communicated directly to the Oregon Health Authority and Medical Assistance Programs of the Oregon Health Authority because OPERA meets regularly with the staff of these departments. 

As a member of OPERA you will receive action alerts, budget updates, current research announcements, funding alerts and other timely information that will keep you and your staff current on issues in Oregon and around the country.  
OPERA membership means you are in the know about important issues that affect your business with regular updates on:  

  • Oregon and federal regulatory issues 
  • Federal and state legislation important to substance use disorder treatment providers 
  • Federal and state budget information 
  • Federal and state Medicaid funding and regulations  
  • Contracting issues 
  • News articles relating to addiction 
  • Prevention information 
  • Training opportunities 
  • Funding opportunities 

As an OPERA member you will also receive:  

  • Access to the Legal Action Center’s Hotline for consultation regarding confidentiality issues. 
  • Exclusive access to the Residential Treatment Costs Report from Dale Jarvis and Associates.    
  • Free registration for one staff member for the annual OPERA Retreat and Conference.  
  • Discounts on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Weekly, the leading weekly news periodical in the field.  
  • Membership to the National Council for Behavioral Health Care.
  • Special discount pricing on those things your agency uses most through professional partnerships like  Express Drug Screening.
  • National representation through OPERA’s partnerships and affiliations, including the National Council on Behavioral Healthcare  and the Legal Action Center
  • A forum for collaboration and networking with colleagues in the field. 
  • An opportunity to influence policy in the field through participation in quarterly meetings and committee membership and/or by being elected to the board of directors.

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